About Us

Recopa Ltd. is established as a strongly engaged Export Partner of quite capable and reliable Turkish Producers from different fields of Automotive Aftermarket sector, with a new age partnership vision!

More than 15 years of experience in the sector, strong engagement with the powerful producers, competitively priced wide product range, customer oriented service and skilled team who are highly committed for success are the main strengths making Recopa a reliable and long term partner for it’s customers!

Why This Model:

In contrary to common belief, dealing directly with a manufacturer is not always practicable, efficent or beneficial! Even most of the time, buying directly from the producer can bring heavy loads on importer shoulders. Like minimum order qtys, minimum order values, higher stock costs, longer lead times and less flexibilities!

For the mid and small size importers, working through a local buying point will make the things easier and more beneficial!

* Reaching different product groups and producers through one gate, one contact point.

* With a strongly engaged partner to producers, having factory level prices.

* Better customer service and better caring from order to shipment, production to quality!

* Free from MOQs, flexible working conditions.

* Shorter lead time.

* Having a closer contact and like having a local office at manufacturing country.